About Us

find out farms is a scrappy little project that is determined to make a positive change in the world around us.

We care deeply about food, ecology, and learning.

Growing food, food access, food sovereignty, and sharing food are foundational to what we do. We wake up in the morning in order to care for our plants and animals. We tend to them right before bed. Each month we spend time harvesting fruit from trees in the community so that we can share the abundance with our community in South Oak Park, Sacramento.

We care about the environment. Small scale regenerative agriculture is our goal. Creating an environment in which healthy plants and animals can thrive while creating an abundance of food for the community is paramount. We care deeply about pollinators and biodiversity.

We think that learning is one of the most intrinsically rewarding activities that one can partake in. Observation, curiosity, and an appreciation for the endless limits of information shape us deeply. Our goal is to make information about growing food accessible to anyone in our community that is interested in learning more.

Thank you for being curious! Please don't be shy about asking us any questions that you might have!  And please sign up for our mailing list to keep up to date with what we are up to!


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